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  • Dec, 13 2019
    Wanda Hennig
    A friend from Chico was recommended by the neighbor of a friend of mine in Oakland to take his car to Tony some years ago when he was in the East Bay and it "broke down." He had a good experience so I took mine to Tony next time it needed attention. I can feel very vulnerable at car repair places as a woman who knows nothing about cars but he was great. He told me what was wrong. What needed to be done. What could wait. I felt total confidence and have recommended him ever since. I was encouraged to write this review when, looking up his number online a few minutes ago, I saw the derogatory review below. It so happened that this week I had my car at Tony's again, for an oil change and basic service. (I have an Acura Integra.) Turned out it was leaking a little oil and there were tubes that had become hardened probably because I sometimes leave the country for a few months and the car stands driverless. (Also, it is a 1998 so getting more "mature".) Anyway, I asked if I could bring my computer and work in the waiting room while it was being worked on (I am a writer). I did this two days in the row — the first when he did the oil change, checked the car and advised me on what was needed. He ordered the parts and said I could bring it in at 2pm yesterday, which I did. He had the parts and did the job. I have found him each time to be friendly, courteous and to work in a timely manner. I believe he is absolutely trustworthy. He discusses prices. I needed two new tires. He said he could get them for me but when I showed him my Big O receipt from previous tires, he recommended I go there for the tires. That is, he does not try to grab business or to make money off one. I would recommend Tony to anyone who wants a safe, convenient location and a really good, professional shop for car repairs or oil changes. (I have in the past taken it in just for an oil change and he's been as quick as, and cheaper than, the guys I also really like on MacArthur across from Big O — who, for the record, did a great job replacing my tires.
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